NPC Combat Scenarios

What are NPC Combat Scenarios?

Let me start by explaining you what an NPC is. An NPC is a Non-Playable Character thus a player will not control that character. For example a guard can be an NPC who doesn't allow strangers to get inside your base. They are usually controled in other players' posts. An example: "Shiro walked up to the guard which spotted her. Closing up on him, she pulls out a pistol and puts a few rounds in his chest. The guard dropped to the ground in a puddle of blood."

An NPC Combat Scenario is not too different than the example I offered above. In fact, a scenario is a 'story' with a certain goal. It can be a Search and Rescue mission with a player captured by nomads in which the S&R team is comprised by players with characters serving in as military personnel, the captive is another player who may be another team mate, a scientist and so on while nomads are NPCs.

Any custom combat scenario can be forwarded to an admin and must be approved before executed. The scenarios will also be posted on our Wiki followed by the RP log of that scenario.